Founded in the aftermath of World War Two, the United Nations is an organization of the sovereign countries of the world. Its aim is to promote global understanding and development and to ensure that there would be no more conflict on a global scale.

The U.N. is actually the second attempt to create a global organization. The first attempt was the League of Nations, which unfortunately was useless in preventing the slaughter that was caused by the Second World War. World leaders back then did not lose hope however and they still aimed to have an organization that could help in promoting global understanding and cooperation. So they created the U.N.

As a founding member, Belgium takes an active part in the forming of policies of the U.N. The country was severely affected by the two world wars and they know that the cost of another global conflict would be too much. Belgians know that peace could only be brought about by understanding and cooperation.

Belgian UN Policy

Belgium is one of the founding member states of the U.N. and ever since the first years of the international organization it has supported the promotion of certain policies. In general it supports most of resolutions and aims of the organization, but it has focused on certain key policies that they deem to be more pressing than others. It has been represented in the organization since the earliest days by the permanent mission of Belgium to the U.N. The Belgian mission supports the following initiatives in particular:

  • Human rights in all countries of the world.
  • The abolition of racial discrimination all over the world. It supports a twice a year resolution that aims to put a stop to all forms of racial discriminations.
  • The abolition of the death penalty in all countries. They have long abandoned its use.
  • Putting a stop to violence against women and children all over the world which unfortunately is still a common thing.
  • Putting a stop to all forms of religious intolerance and discrimination all over the world.


These are some of the things that Belgium supports more in particular when it comes to the United Nations. Some of these things have been achieved by Belgians years ago and so what they want is to have the rest of the world to experience the same quality of life that they have. That is why most of what they are supporting are for the betterment of the condition of humans.